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Caribbean cricket bargains

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THE PRICES of Caribbean holidays are being cut dramatically because hoteliers are struggling to fill their properties during the Cricket World Cup, due to the early exit of India and Pakistan from the competition leading to a mass exodus from the islands.

The period around Easter is usually the second most expensive time, after Christmas, to visit the Caribbean. The staging of the World Cup during the period had led to predictions that people would have to pay hugely inflated prices to stay on the islands, if they could find accommodation at all. However, this deterred many from travelling, with the result that stadiums at many of the earlier group games were only half full. In addition, many India and Pakistan supporters left when their teams were eliminated before the ‘Super Eight’ stage.

Up for sale

This means that the Caribbean is literally up for sale at the moment. It’s a great time to go to see the cricket, because you can pick up match tickets there if you haven’t bought them already, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to go just for a holiday. There’s normally no way you would get these kinds of discounts.

Although there are cheap trips to Jamaica and St Lucia, discounts are particularly good on holidays to Barbados. Both India and Pakistan had been expected to be involved in high-profile games in Barbados, which instead is now staging matches involving Bangladesh and Ireland, the teams that leapfrogged them in the early group-stage tables to secure a place in the Super Eights.