Care for your health with the HPA Care Card

THE HOSPITAL Particular do Algarve is holding a promotional campaign offering a 10 per cent discount on the new patient Care Card starting today (Friday) until February 1 and again between February 15 and March 7, offering exclusive benefits and special discounts to patients.

“Since launching the new Care Card at the Better Living in Portugal (BLIP) exhibition in October, more than 100 people have signed up for the card with the Hospital Particular do Algarve (HPA) to receive exclusive healthcare benefits,” said a spokesman from the HPA.

“The Care Card was created to offer a more personal and rapid service to our patients.”

After paying a registration fee of 50 euros, patients will immediately be entitled to special payment conditions and 10 per cent discounts for a variety of services including; outpatient appointments, maternity services and operating expenses.

Further discounts

Other discounts offered by the card also include 20 per cent off Nuclear Medicine Exams and 30 per cent off ambulance service fees.

In addition to this, the spouse and descendents of a Care Card holder can apply for their own card at the discounted rate of 35 euros for the first relative and 25 euros per relative thereafter.

“Anyone can register for the Care Card, whether they are or not resident in Portugal” said a spokesman from the hospital, adding: “If patients sign up for the card before going to the reception desk, they can benefit immediately from the card’s advantages.”

The Care Card is valid for three years and renewable with an additional charge of 40 euros.

For more information about the Care Card, please telephone 282 420 400 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, contact the customer services desk at the entrance of the Hospital Particular do Algarve, or the Product Manager at the Departamento Comercial e Marketing on the Estrada de Alvor, Lote 27, Portimão.