Card of life

Card of life

AFPOP has established an agreement with the S. Gonçalo de Lagos Private Hospital. Under this agreement, AFPOP members will be able to join its ‘Cartão Vida’ (Card of Life) scheme for a reduced annual premium. This card offers holders substantial discounts, in many cases 25 per cent, on the cost of private health care at the hospital in Lagos. The cost of the card to AFPOP members will be 95 euros per year. This is a 25 per cent reduction in the annual fee, which is available only to AFPOP members, and also entitles members to a 50 per cent discount on the cost of the initial check up.

The S. Gonçalo de Lagos hospital is part of a group which also includes the Hospital Sta. Maria in Faro. At the moment, it is only possible to use the ‘Cartão Vida’ at the Lagos hospital, but it is hoped that the scheme will be extended to include the Faro hospital in the future.

For more information, AFPOP members should contact Iolanda Santino at Hospital S. Gonçalo de Lagos on the ‘Linha Azul’ 808 201 923 and quote their membership number. Any member who already subscribes to the ‘Cartão Vida’ will be able to transfer to this scheme.

New car hire benefits

AFPOP members are now able to enjoy cheaper car hire, through an agreement reached between AFPOP and ‘Cristal Car’. Under this new benefit, AFPOP members qualify for a 10 per cent discount on the total cost of car hire and will be exempt from the airport delivery charges normally incurred. This discount is only available to AFPOP members and their families. To enquire about bookings, contact ‘Cristal Car’ on either 282 457 501 or 282 359 196, or e-mail [email protected]. Remember to quote your AFPOP membership number. ‘Cristal Car’ is based in the Algarve, but will be opening an office in Lisbon in the near future.

• For further information about AFPOP visit, telephone 282 458 509, or email [email protected]