Carbonised body found by foreign residents in Saboia, Odemira

A group of foreign residents “out walking” yesterday (Thursday) morning discovered a badly burnt body in the countryside near Saboia (Odemira).

Initial reports pointed to the body being that of a woman, but this has now been changed as has the theory that this was a tragic accident involving someone caught by a forest fire.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã explains there were “no signs of fire” beside the body, which suggests it was taken to the remote spot where it was found post-mortem.

Police are thus working on the theory that this is a murder.

Local reporter Teixeira Correia adds that a man in his late 50s went missing from Luzianes, about 15 km away, last week.

Identification should follow once medical examiners have performed an autopsy.

Meantime, the case has been handed over to PJ police in Setúbal.

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