Car thieves caught

A dramatic car chase in Armação de Pêra has led to the arrest of two youths aged 15 and 20, who are suspected of stealing several Fiat Uno cars.

The incident began at 4am when the head of the town’s GNR noticed four youths, all of African origin, speeding past in a red Fiat Uno. Suspecting that the car was stolen, the GNR commander decided to pursue the vehicle and a high-speed chase through the city centre ensued.

It ended when the thieves lost control of the car and crashed into a lamp post in Rua Maria José Correia. The youths tried to flee on foot, hiding in various buildings, but two of the gang were eventually caught.

Two other members of the gang were able to evade capture, although they have since been identified. A police spokesman confirmed that the gang had already carried out various other offences and seems to have had a particular predilection for stealing Fiat Unos.