Car tax extension

THE DEADLINE for acquiring car tax stamps on vehicles purchased in January has been extended until February 25 as a result of serious database errors.

The original deadline was January 31 but due to problems related to the Ministry of Justice database at the Finanças, in that the majority of errors relate to non-existent cars, the ministry had no choice but to allow the extension.

The validity of car tax stamps purchased in July 2007 for this year has also been questioned by readers of The Resident.

A spokesman for the Finanças told The Resident: “Many people think that they should have a discount if their car was originally registered before June because they must purchase a new car tax stamp while the stamp from 2007 is still valid. “This, however, is not correct because the new law which came into effect on July 1, 2007 stipulates that the tax stamps bought in 2007 would remain valid only until the anniversary month of the car’s registration.”

The ministry is developing several measures to resolve these issues, including an online service to purchase car tax stamps.

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