Car jacking!

Dear Editor,

My wife and I recently had a very nasty experience (especially my wife). I write this letter to make others aware of our experience and possibly benefit from it. It was all about being in the wrong place at the wrong time…

We were on our way to Espiche from Carvoeiro and had to stop at the Lagos Marina reception office (Saturday 4pm) to deliver a package. I parked by the walking bridge on the marina side, adjacent to the marina office. My wife was in the passenger seat reading her book. I gave the package to reception and as I approached our jeep, I noticed that someone (a man) was sitting in the driver’s seat. My first reaction was that it might be a friend having a chat, but then I saw arms waving and realised that it was indeed no friend. I ran towards the jeep, he started the engine and with foot to the floor spun the jeep around. He shouted to my wife “you come with me or get out”. Luckily, she managed to get her seatbelt off, opened the door and rolled out onto the road while the jeep was now moving fast.

All this happened in seconds. I was no more than two minutes from leaving the car to returning to find the robber. We then had the long wait for the ambulance, then Lagos hospital, then Portimão hospital for scans and then Lisbon hospital to see a specialist. Hopefully, my wife will make a full recovery, but it will take some time to heal, not only the physical injuries, but the mental side which has affected us both.

Needless to say, the jeep has never been seen since, together with all the documents, passports, driving licence and contents of the jeep.

Sadly, crime can happen even in the lovely Algarve. Keep your car doors locked!

Shannan Livingston, Carvoeiro

Editor: And because crime seems to be all around, read Jack Harvey’s column on page 23 for some tips on how to protect yourself this Christmas.