Flooding in Portugal

Car buried in landslide on access to A5; occupants hospitalised

PSP says victims’ condition “not known”

A landslide engulfed a car this morning on the approach to the A5 motorway linking Lisbon with Cascais.

SIC television news reports that the two occupants of the car “had to be hospitalised”.

It has not been explained whether they were able to exit the car on their own, or whether they had to be helped out.

The landslide happened in the Algés-Sacavém area, on what is called the Complementary Itinerary 17-CRIL.

A source for the PSP however has said the exact state of the victims is unknown.

Meantime, many more cars have been flooded in and around the capital, with drone footage showing the scale of the damages caused. The image above is of a car ‘stand’ where all vehicles are currently partially submerged.

Once this bad weather front has passed, the scale of damages will be vast.

SIC television news has published scenes from the capital and surrounding areas over the last few hours.

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