Karen Wride
Karen Wride

“Captivating Impressions”: Karen Wride’s art exhibition in Almancil

Karen Wride is a distinguished landscape and figurative artist

Prepare to be immersed in a world of vibrant emotions and captivating landscapes as Quadro Molduras in Almancil presents an exclusive exhibition featuring the works of artist Karen Wride.

From February 1 to February 29, art enthusiasts have the opportunity to explore Wride’s evocative pieces, each a testament to her mastery of colour, emotion, and light. To mark this occasion, selected pieces from the exhibition will be available for purchase with a 25% discount.

Geishas painting

“The combination of Wride’s emotionally charged paintings and Quadro Molduras’ commitment to bespoke, high-quality framing promises a visual feast for art connoisseurs,” say organisers.

About Karen Wride
Karen Wride, a distinguished landscape and figurative artist, brings a wealth of emotional depth and dramatic flair to her work. Hailing from Wales and currently residing in Portugal, Wride’s paintings are a testament to her unique artistic vision, capturing the essence of human emotions and the play of light on landscapes.

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