“Can’t skip Portugal” launches ambitious films to reel in yet more tourists

The only detail missing is the price tag: Turismo de Portugal launched its latest promotional campaign today with the first of four videos designed to encourage people to include Portugal in their life-experiences. Adopting a similar approach to the recent campaign by Nationwide Building Society featuring poets, this one exhorts people to see things with their own eyes, displaying sights and landscapes that show why they “Can’t Skip Portugal”.

To make the point, the clips start with the information that “This film was entirely shot in December, during the winter”.

Said president of Turismo, Luís Araújo, the idea is to appeal to the emotions and “say that people can’t waste time in a world that is becoming more and more filled with conflicts and barriers”.

The message, and the campaign’s “great triumph” is that Portugal is an “inclusive country, in every way and for everyone”, and one that can be comfortably visited during any of the 12 months of the year.

For a look at clip number one, click here.

The campaign is now being promoted in 20 countries.

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