José Luís Carneiro
José Luís Carneiro believes debates can only strengthen the PS party. Image: Estela Silva/ Lusa

Candidates for PS leadership don’t see eye to eye…

The two candidates for the leadership of the PS Socialist Party appear to have fallen out over whether the selection process would be helped by televised debates. José Luís Carneiro – the current minister for interior administration, and the contender seen as ‘a safe pair of hands’ – thinks they would; Pedro Nuno Santos, the ‘firebrand’ former infrastructure minister who ‘okayed’ a half million euro handshake via Whatsapp and later was forced to resign over the same issue, disagrees. Mr Carneiro’s reasoning is that “monologues are not the stuff of democracies”. Pedro Nuno Santos’ reasoning is that a debate at this point, ahead of the legislative elections in March, “would only serve the interests of our adversaries”.