Cancer treatment in Faro Hospital

Dear Editor,

I recently beat cancer of the larynx and would like to express my thanks to the team of doctors in Faro Hospital who made this possible.

I was diagnosed in mid-March of this year.  Within days, I entered an eight week intensive treatment programme of chemotherapy and radiotherapy combined. The side effects of the treatment were very severe, but with the care of Dr. Marissa Botma (head and neck cancer surgeon), Dr. Jose Luis Bretes (head of chemotherapy dept) and Dr. Oscar Condon (instituto de radiologia – Faro), I got through it. I cannot praise this team of dedicated doctors enough. Now that I am tumour free, I will be monitored there during the next five years.

I often hear residents and local Portuguese running down Faro Hospital, but my experience there was confidence boosting, to say the least. So, once again muito obrigada.