Cancer run cancelled

A 6km run to raise funds for Portugal’s breast cancer charity, which was due to be held on June 20 at the Manuel Bivar garden in Faro, was cancelled.

Luis Lopes, organiser of Corrida Sempre Mulher, told the Algarve Resident: “We are very disappointed that we have had to cancel the event but Faro Câmara did not help us as much as they said they would.”

He added that the council did not organise any publicity for the event or policing, which it had said it would do, and also asked the charity to license the event. “We have never paid licensing fees to councils because the funds raised are for charity,” said Luis Lopes.

A spokesman from Faro council told the Algarve Resident: “We explained to the organisers during the first meeting what we could and could not do. We prepared and handed out flyers but large posters are simply unaffordable for our council.”

The spokesman added: “The organisers also had to license the event before we organised any policing. This would have been free as they are a charity but they just didn’t fill out the paperwork and then decided to cancel the event.”

The organisers apologise for the inconvenience and have asked all those who would like their registration money refunded to contact or call 918 234 803.