Cancelled flights

THOMSONFLY HAS said it has no plans to cancel any more flights to Faro.

The news comes a week after it announced that its Coventry to Faro flights this winter would be cancelled as it has “one less aircraft based in Coventry” A spokesman for the airline told The Resident that flight cancellations will only be on “certain days in certain weeks across the winter season” and an alternative flight would be offered.

“However, if the alternative flight offer is not suitable, then a full refund will be given on application, including all fees”, said the spokesman, adding: “There are no plans to cancel any more of the routes on sale (on the website). The routes on sale are all still scheduled to fly.”

For more information, call the Thomsonfly call centre on 0044 870 1900 737 or 214 159 122 in Lisbon.

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