Canadian tourists attacked by armed trio in Albufeira

A Canadian couple in their 70s is reported to have been attacked in broad daylight in Albufeira yesterday (Thursday) by an armed gang in the notorious Cerro de Malpique area.

Three men, at least one armed with a pistol, are understood to have surrounded the holidaymakers, demanding they hand over their wallets and other possessions.

According to press reports this morning, the couple did as they were told but were still physically attacked: the man in the face with the butt of a pistol and the woman “thrown to the ground”.

The attack happened around 11am in Rua Coronel Águas, near the cemetery, as the couple were taking a walk near their hotel. Police were quickly alerted and are understood to have caught up with one of the assailants, pulling him over in a car they found him driving and in which the victims’ property was recovered.

The man has been taken into custody and the investigation is now in the hands of the PJ.

For now, it is not known if the couple needed medical assistance or how much longer they are staying in Albufeira.

According to press reports on assaults in the holiday town, Cerro de Malpique is a well-known spot for gang-related hold-ups and activity.

The facebook page “Albufeira em Alerta” carries regular updates for tourists, particularly when it comes to robberies and other crimes.