Canadian tourist dies swimming

A Canadian tourist died suddenly after swimming at Praia da Marinha beach near Carvoeiro on Tuesday, June 16.

According to Portuguese news agency Lusa, the Canadian, who was 57 years old, was on holiday in the Algarve and had been staying in a hotel in Carvoeiro with his wife. 

The man had been rescued from the waters by the lifeguard at the beach at 1pm and emergency services (INEM) were called to treat the man.

Despite efforts by INEM staff to resuscitate him, he died at the beach due to a “sudden illness”.

Meanwhile, a British tourist was rescued after he was dragged out to sea by strong waves off Praia da Rocha beach on June 1.

The man, who is 78, was pulled out to sea where he then attempted to swim back into shore.

Strong currents prevented his return to the beach.  He was initially helped by a young Portuguese boy before a lifeguard on the beach came to his assistance.

The rescue occurred on the first day of the official bathing season at Praia da Rocha beach, the only period when it is mandatory for lifeguards to be present at beaches.