Campolargo Baga 2015

As I have written here many times before, I am passionate about the Baga grape and the Bairrada region. Baga is my favourite Portuguese red variety by far and a close second overall when including international varieties, ranking just behind Pinot Noir in my book.

Campolargo is one of the best-known producers in the Bairrada region, but unlike many of the big names such as Luís Pato (who only makes his reds from Baga), Campolargo has not been quite as faithful to the region’s trademark grape. In fact, I have always associated this producer primarily with their Pinot Noir.

They do, however, make this excellent Baga in a style that I very much appreciate. This is a light-to-medium bodied red, aged in used oak for 20 months. The wine is ruby red in colour with a fragrant nose of ripe forest fruits, soft tannins in the mouth and a lovely fresh finish. An ideal red to enjoy with poultry dishes or even fish – €14.99 at Apolónia.

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