Campo Pequeno gardens completed by end of September.jpg

Campo Pequeno gardens completed by end of September

THE LAST, and final, phase of the Campo Pequeno bullring development, the planting of the surrounding gardens, is due to be completed by the end of September.

The bullring itself, the new shopping centre and underground car parks were opened in May with a gala show and bullfight, organised by showman Filipe la Feria.

The gardens should also have been ready in time for the opening red carpet ceremony, but were put back until this month.

Lisbon Câmara has admitted that work on the gardens has fallen behind schedule, but has guaranteed that the work will be completed in September.

However, the council officer responsible for Lisbon’s Green Open Spaces, António Prôa, has yet to give an exact date.

The Campo Pequeno gardens project involves 140 new trees, re-resurfacing and paving of pedestrian paths, new toilet facilities, a new children’s playground, 125 new benches, 25 dustbins, 125 lamps, and two water drinking fountains.

António Prôa said that the project for the development of the site, which was so important culturally and historically for Lisbon, had always envisaged the planting of a tree-filled garden to strengthen the identity of the square and serve as a fitting backdrop to the bullring.