Camper tourists’ pet dogs killed by “poisoned chouriço” in Pera

A camp site in Pera appears to have been targeted by insidious animal killers.

As far as GNR police can tell, poisoned rounds of chouriço (sausage) were thrown on the ground on the site for campers’ dogs to find and eat.

Two animals died: one was discovered by its British owner already dead, another – belonging to a Dutch woman – died shortly after she found it in distress.

Said a source for Mikki’s Place to Stay, neither animal “caused any kind of harm to anyone. This is all very sad”.

According to reports, “one of the women was so upset by her pet’s death that she hasn’t been able to come out of her caravan”, the other has already packed up and left.

Tabloid Correio da Manhã says tests will now being going ahead to try and determine the type of poison used, and the police report on the incident will be sent to the Public Ministry to “decide whether there an investigation should be opened”.

The incident happened last Friday (January 19).