Campaign to promote Olhão fish and seafood

A SIX month campaign to promote locally caught fish and seafood products has recently been launched by Olhão Câmara, and is already proving a hit with the Algarve’s tourists and locals alike.

People in every borough of the Algarve are getting to know ‘Dalia’, ‘Flora’ and ‘Gabriel’, the mascots fronting the innovative campaign. Dozens of striking billboards are being displayed throughout the region presenting the three mascots that invite the consumer to come to Olhão for high quality fresh fish and seafood.

Olhão market has been the focus for the campaign launch, with the council arranging the distribution to visitors of free cooler trays to guarantee the freshness of fish and seafood purchases when they arrive home. The market stall holders have been given special aprons with the campaign mascots and there are posters, flags and price boards also bearing the campaign image.

The next part of the promotional activity will extend to restaurants, with diners being invited to enjoy traditional Olhão dishes, like cockles, grilled mackerel and squid stew. There will also be consumer competitions, environmental protection activities for the Ria Formosa, training for shops and restaurants and, finally, tourist tours to support the launch of a recipe book.