Campaign to preserve marine environment

A joint initiative by Portimão Câmara and Portisub diving school aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the marine environment.

The project, entitled Vamos Salvar o Oceano (Let’s Save the Ocean), is supported by the Project Aware Foundation (PAF), an international organisation dedicated to the conservation of underwater environment through educational activities directed at young people.

As part of the initiative, an electronic version of a comic book by the same name as the project will be soon available on the PAF website.

The paper edition of the comic book, with illustration by Portuguese artist Luís Filipe Peres, will be translated into five languages – English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch – and distributed throughout Europe.

The book warns of the consequences of marine pollution and was first launched by the Portimão Câmara and Portisub in 2009 as part of a project that included the completion of diving classes for beginners and environmental education activities for children.

PAF is a non-profit company that is headquartered in the US with offices in Australia, Switzerland and UK. Its major objective is to fight against the challenges that aquatic resources face in 175 countries and territories, with the direct support from divers and water enthusiasts worldwide.

For more information about PAF, please visit Portisub can be contacted on 282 498 040.