Campaign to make EN125 safer

A ROAD safety exercise, aimed at raising awareness of the need to drive more safely on the EN125, took place last Friday, organised by the Associação Nacional de Segurança e Socorro Rodoviário (ANSSR), the national association for road safety and accident rescue.

“This initiative is similar to those carried out in various European countries, involving the set-up of various speed control points, identified by placards, and activities to raise awareness among drivers of the necessity to avoid excess,” stated Luís Escudeiro of the ANSSR. “Prevention, via the presence of uniformed men on the ground, is the best way of discouraging poor driving. Various entities, from the traffic police to firemen and the motorcycle clubs, are appreciating the importance of our initiative.”

In 2004 alone, 15 people died in accidents on the EN125, a road considered to be the most dangerous in the Algarve and one that presents the highest accident risk in the country.

The campaign that took place last week was centred around Quatro Estradas (Almancil) and will be repeated in an identical format at the beginning of summer next year.

Last Sunday morning, the ANSSR commemorated World Road Victim Day at Lagoa’s municipal auditorium.