Campaign on cliff dangers

A campaign to alert beachgoers about possible cliff-falls has been launched by the municipal authority of Albufeira and will be active until the end of August.

The operation will be carried out on the main beaches of Albufeira in order to inform visitors about what can be done to prevent accidents and warn them about possible hazards. Bilingual pamphlets and bracelets will be distributed and informative sporting activities are being organised in the municipality.

Before the bathing season began, many controlled rock demolitions were conducted by the environmental authorities in order to prevent possible accidents during the summer.

Carlos Quintino, the main alderman for the local civil protection, has stressed that despite the authorities’ efforts to minimise the risks, nature is unpredictable, making it absolutely necessary to respect the warning signs.

This year marks the fourth consecutive year the ‘Proteja-se das Arribas’ campaign has been organised by the Civil Protection of Albufeira, sparked by the collapse of part of a cliff on the Maria Luísa beach in Albufeira nearly four years ago, which killed five people, making it the gravest accident registered on Algarve beaches.

The campaign will be supported by several sporting associations, gymnasiums, the Albufeira lifeguards association and the maritime authority.