“Camp-in-gás” - a new initiative focused on stopping gas exploration in Bajouca

“Camp-in-gás” – a new initiative focused on stopping gas exploration in Bajouca

“Camp-in-gás” (a play on the popular brand ‘campingaz’) is the name of a new initiative to highlight the perceived folly of fossil fuel exploration in a country that has never drilled for gas, or oil, before.

The focus is Bajouca – the first drillsite envisaged by Austrialian mining company Australis Oil & Gas.

Called by association ABAD (standing for Bajouca in Development), it means to attract as many like-minded people and activists as possible, to reinforce the people’s message that “in the context of the climate crisis, we cannot initiate new fossil fuel projects”.

Explains climate change activists at Climáximo – who accompanied ABAD representatives on a mission to parliament this week: “Gas is just another fossil fuel, and as such it is not part of any ‘transition’. We will not let them drill in Bajouca, nor in Aljubarrota!”

Australis Oil & Gas has two active contracts signed with the PS government that has ostensibly recognised the climate crisis (click here) though seems to be doing very little about it.

Representatives of the company were in Portugal late last year to insist their plans would not involve fracking (click here). But the ‘charm event’ (as dissenters called it) did not satisfy locals who fear underground water courses could be affected among multiple other drawbacks.

For now, ABAD’s message is being beamed out over social media, while the camp itself, starting on Wednesday July 17 is already fully-booked, with the main event scheduled for Saturday (July 20).

Saturday morning will see campers march to Australis first drill site, with the protest destined to make all the country’s news channels.

The days before will be focused on “deepening connections with the local population” in order to send a “clear signal to Australis” at the same time showing the government, in a key election year, that ‘the people want change’.

For full details of this initiative, see the ABAD Pisão Facebook page, or http://camp-in-gas.pt

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