Camino walk aids hip replacement recovery
Some of the pilgrims on a practice walk

Camino walk aids hip replacement recovery

Change Kids Lives Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

Sue Butler Cole and Alan Winn are two of the Silves Rotary Club members taking part in the fundraising initiative ‘Change Kids Lives Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela’ in a week’s time.

Both have had hip replacement operations earlier this year. At the end of January, Alan had a planned operation in preparation for the walk to come. Sue had one a few weeks later after a fall that left her with a broken hip.

The desire to be part of the fundraising to enable Agrupamento Silves Sul school in Armação de Pêra to create a sensory room and garden area for autistic and Down’s Syndrome children as young as three was their inspiration to move past the painful recovery and be fit enough to take part.

Camino walk aids hip replacement recovery
Sue Butler Cole

Although Alan is carrying a tendon injury in his left leg, he is still determined to complete his stages of the walk. He will share the 120km journey with his wife of almost 50 years Pam.

Sue is sharing her journey with octogenarian husband David who is also determined to make a difference and help those children have a better and more fulfilled life.

We hope that the walk by Silves Rotary Club members and friends will meet its fundraising target and you can help by making a donation. A donation of 5€ makes a difference when hundreds are inspired to give. The walkers themselves are funding the accommodation on route so that 100% of the money will go to the project.

Camino walk aids hip replacement recovery
Alan Winn

About the pilgrimage

Starting on September 24, the pilgrims will walk some 120km over six days to provide children with learning difficulties attending primary school in Armação de Pêra a calm and ideal place to learn.

Silves Rotary Club pilgrims are asking for your help to raise €20,000 – 100% of your donations will go to turn an old classroom and scrubby garden into a harmonious learning space with all the necessary resources. Any contribution no matter how small is welcome.

You can donate now at via our page

“Help Pilgrims Change Kids Lives” or using this QR code.

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