Cameron phones Spain

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has proposed a reduction of the “disproportionate” border checks at Gibraltar after a phone conversation with British Prime Minister, David Cameron, according to a report by BBC news online.

The communication between the two leaders was prompted by a protest from Britain’s ambassador to Spain concerning “disproportionate” border checks.

Intense vehicle checks conducted at the border originated in major delays for tourists and locals last weekend, following Gibraltar’s decision to drop concrete blocks into the Bay of Algeciras in order to create an artificial reef, which would supposedly encourage fish and other marine life.

Additionally, Spain had announced it was considering the introduction of a €50 toll to cross the border into British land.

Cameron allegedly phoned to express his “serious concerns” over deteriorating relations and later said on his Twitter account that his conversation with Rajoy, in which he made clear his intentions concerning Gibraltar and Britain’s inflexible position on sovereignty, was constructive.

Rajoy’s stated that the relations and disagreements between the two countries should be resolved with “honesty”. The Spanish leader also stated that “the unilateral action of installing concrete blocks in the Bay of Algeciras was unacceptable”.

However, he promised to reduce measures at the border and both prime ministers agreed that a solution to the fishing dispute must be found.