Camellia Festival showcases Monchique’s stunning flowers

Monchique’s Camellias Festival is returning for its fifth edition next weekend (March 23-24).

The event is held every year to showcase the borough’s flora through a variety of activities that include a camellia exhibition and contest, a handicraft fair, workshops, entertainment and the popular ‘Rota das Camélias’ (Camellia Route) which explores many spots around the borough where these flowers can be admired.
Organisers explain that the camellia is an “icon” of Monchique that deserves to have an event in its honour.

“After five years, we are certain that Monchique has become known as the ‘Garden of the Algarve’ and that this festival has been important in that regard,” they say.

Although they have a short life span and thrive in winter, camellias can be spotted nearly all-year-long in Monchique because there are so many varieties.

The festival is taking place at the village’s Jardim da Vila. All events are free but some – like the Camellia Route which will begin on Sunday at 9.30am – require prior registration.

The full programme can be found on Monchique council’s Facebook page: Município de Monchique