Câmaras clean-up

Loulé and Faro Câmaras are cleaning up their acts this summer for the benefit of residents and tourists alike. Faro beach has been cleared of litter and rubbish problems are being tackled in Loulé.

Additional rubbish bins will be sited on the streets and beaches of Quarteira and many of the green areas and public walkways in the city itself will undergo regular clean-ups. More refuse trucks will circulate the city, with most of the collection carried out before 9am, in order to cause as little inconvenience as possible to the public.

Loulé Câmara will place 25 of the latest underground waste receptacles throughout the city, that will have a capacity to hold more than 1,000 litres of rubbish. On July 7 in Faro, around 40 children helped the Centro Azul staff to pick up rubbish along Faro beach.

Centro Azul exists to promote socially responsible and environmentally aware society. According to Faro Câmara, the centre was set-up to, “implement environmental education programmes for the population in general, and to preserve the magnificent patrimony that is Faro beach”.