Câmara warns of con men

ALBUFEIRA CÂMARA is warning the general public about con men posing as Câmara employees, who are carrying out a scam to persuade residents in the area that they need to purchase water filters.

In an almost identical ruse recently attempted by individuals posing as Águas do Algarve employees, a group of con artists is now pretending to be chemical analysts from Albufeira Câmara, carrying out quality checks of the public water supply. After entering a private residence to simulate an ‘analysis’, the individuals say that the water is of poor quality and then attempt to sell expensive water filters.

Dozens of complaints are being received at the borough’s information and consumer support centre about the ‘visits’, which have no official connection whatsoever with Albufeira Câmara.

The Câmara confirms that the water distributed for human consumption totally conforms to legal norms and is subjected to rigorous quality controls made in official laboratories. It also wishes to make very clear that it is not necessary for consumers to place any kind of filters on the taps in their homes.