Câmara wages graffiti war with new equipment

news: Câmara wages graffiti war with new equipment

LISBON Câmara has purchased 54 pieces of state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to combat the city’s growing graffiti vandalism problem. The new equipment includes 27 so-called “motor dogs”, 10 powerful vacuum street cleaners and eight pavement cleaners. The câmara’s department of urban hygiene has begun a widespread clean-up of the city’s walls, notice boards, advertising billboards and street furniture with the new technology. According to a câmara spokesperson: “The acquisition of equipment necessary to maintain urban hygiene has involved an investment of around 50,000 euros, including the formation and training of câmara technicians to work with this new type of machinery. But the preservation of Lisbon’s areas of historical beauty demands it,” said the spokesperson.