Câmara to reduce city’s poster sites

A CAMPAIGN was launched recently by Lisbon Câmara to reduce the number of advertising hoardings throughout the city. This will include the removal of 130 of the council’s own “outdoors” (large billboards). “There is going to be a gradual reduction of publicity poster sites in Lisbon in order to clean up the capital’s aesthetic image,” said Carmona Rodrigues, President of Lisbon Câmara, at a recent meeting. According to the council, the clean up operation will begin this month and continue until March 22.

This means that the câmara will abandon its usual method of communicating with Lisbon residents, which was heavily criticised by the Socialists. Instead, the electronic information panels, placed throughout the city, will now be used. “We have electronic boards that are proving to be quite popular – they are dynamic and informative,” said the president.