Câmara President to sue

TAVIRA CÂMARA President Marcário Correia is preparing to sue three people for defamation after they tried to bring several harassment cases against him to court.

“The defamation that they caused to me is irreparable,” said Macário Correia. “I am preparing a claim for compensation against three people, a lawyer and two members of Câmara staff who have lost six court cases in the last few weeks.”

In a case that was filed on Tuesday, April 8, Macário Correia was questioned twice by the police, denying the accusations on both occasions.

Teresa Sequeira, a Tavira Câmara lawyer, who has been on sick leave since February 2007 claimed that she had been sexually harassed by the Câmara President in his office in July 2006.  In reaction to the court’s verdict, Teresa Sequeira’s lawyer said that the decision can be contested but would not confirm if further action would be taken.

A previous case against Macário Correia for alleged mistreatment and coercion of a male member of staff was also dropped by the Public Ministry in February due to lack of evidence.

Macário Correia had originally responded to the harassment allegations by saying that the lawyer was using these cases as revenge following the Câmara’s 2005 embargo on an illegal construction in her name.

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