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Câmara launches heart disease awareness campaign

LISBON CÂMARA has joined forces with the Sociedade Portuguesa de Cardiologia (SPC), the Portuguese Cardiology Society, in a bid to raise awareness about the dangers of heart disease.

The launch was officially made on March 3 at the council’s headquarters, in the presence of Lisbon Câmara President, Carmona Rodrigues, and the General Secretary of the SPC, Daniel Ferreira.

In order to provide a graphic depiction of the dangers of heart disease, Lisbon Câmara and the SPC have traced chalk ‘victim’ outlines on pavements in key points around the city centre with the motto “Don’t be the next victim”.

Cardiovascular disease is the second major cause of death, after stroke, in Portugal. According to Daniel Ferreira, stroke is the number one killer in Portugal, unlike other European countries where heart attack and heart disease are the main killers. Still, in 2003, 41,000 people died as a result of heart disease in Portugal.

For that reason, Carmona Rodrigues considers it important to have these types of initiatives in the city, which are “always welcome”. To set an example, the Câmara has already banned smoking in its meetings, which it terms as a small but symbolic act.

The heart disease awareness campaign was also launched in Porto by the SPC President, Cassiano Abreu Lima, in the presence of Porto Câmara President, Rui Rio.