Câmara hosts diplomats

LISBON Câmara President, Carmona Rodrigues, held a reception for overseas ambassadors to Portugal recently. More than 60 representatives attended the event. Among those present were John Buck, the British Ambassador to Portugal, and Adrianne O’Neal, the business Chargé d’Affaires from the American Embassy.

Rodrigues extended a warm welcome to his visitors and offered his prayers for the swift recovery of the Pope. In his address to the reception, he reaffirmed the importance of common values. “Today, we are living a new reality, one marked by globalisation and the existence of huge economic and geo-political space. In these times, when citizens tend to feel cut off from the decision-making process, it is incumbent on us to celebrate those human values of solidarity, neighbourliness and tolerance,” he said.

Speaking in the elegant ballroom of the câmara building, Carmona Rodrigues described Lisbon as a burgeoning cosmopolitan capital city: “Lisbon is now, like its European counterparts, the stage for great international events in the sphere of politics, the economy, sport and culture.” G.H.