Câmara donates Ferrari to Sintra toy museum

news: Câmara donates Ferrari to Sintra toy museum

A LIFE-SIZE Formula One Ferrari racing car made out of Lego is being donated by Sintra Câmara to the Museu do Brinquedo (toy museum) in Sintra.

The decision to donate the giant model was taken at a recent council executive meeting, with the aim of turning the car into an attraction that could boost visitor numbers at the museum.

The racing car that was offered to Sintra Câmara by fuel company, Repsol, is presently in thousands of pieces and so the câmara has also given the museum an amount of 2,500 euros to fund its assembly.

The câmara’s press office informed The Resident that the giant Ferrari replica would be put on show from September, however, it was not confirmed if the delay is due to the time that is needed to put all the pieces together!

One thing is certain: the Lego car is sure to delight children, and fans of Formula One alike, who take the time to visit the museum later this year.