Câmara defends mobile mast

Lagos Mayor told the Algarve Resident this week that he understands the worries of local residents who are against a mobile phone mast near their homes in Praia da Luz, but says the structure is legal and “fits in well with the surrounding area”.

Despite postponing a meeting with the protest initiator, Luís Cardoso, last week, Lagos Mayor Júlio Barroso believes the concerns come from the fact that scientific knowledge about masts and how they affect communities is still relatively new.

Although the Mayor says he understands the interests of both the local residents who want to safeguard their health and Vodafone clients who want a better signal are conflicting, the results of an evaluation of the levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields make the mast “compatible” for both.

He added that the Câmara acted in accordance with the applicable licensing regulations and was not required to provide a public consultation period or announcement for the mast.

In terms of the impact in the environment, Lagos Câmara believes the mast is well integrated in the surrounding urban landscape, “as is the case with street lamps and other public furniture and equipment”.

Luís Cardoso was due to meet with Júlio Barroso to discuss the mobile mast on Wednesday afternoon after the Algarve Resident went to press.  

Eloise Walton