Câmara ‘approves’ sex site

LISBON CÂMARA suspended last week a measure that limited internet access to its members of staff after its restricted list of approved sites erroneously included a sex site.

The decision to control internet access and surfing by employees had been taken to stop unnecessary and trivial internet use during working hours which slowed down the server. But now the decision to cancel the order has been justified by the necessity of “facilitating better internet access for staff”.

The new regulation had restricted daily internet access to between 9.30am and 12.20pm and 2pm and 5.30pm.

During that time employees were only permitted to visit certain sites and could be subject to checks that other sites were not being visited.

But one of the web addresses that employees could access included a page entitled Namoro Rápido (Quick Love). The internet dating site had racy photographs of men and women seeking sexual encounters, relationships and friendship.

Employees had been told that if they needed to consult other non-approved sites then they must seek permission from a superior by filling out a special requisition form.

Confronted with the list of permitted internet addresses which included the sex site, the Câmara said that there now was no restricted list and that any list had ceased to exist with the suspension of the new regulation.

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