Câmara announces reduced car park fee

news: Câmara announces reduced car park fee

Lagos Câmara has approved a reduced, monthly car park charge for a restricted number of residents wanting to use the underground Parque da Frente Ribeirinha.

During a council meeting on January 23, a fee of €20 per month for residents living in designated streets within the car park’s geographical area of influence was proposed by municipal company FUTURLAGOS and approved by the town hall.

According to FUTURLAGOS, these residents have fewer parking options above ground and the reduced fee presents a viable alternative.

“Above ground parking for these residents is limited and the distance between their houses and the car park along Avenida dos Descobrimentos (offered as a parking option for residents in the historic centre of Lagos) is significant.

“Also, high demand for spaces here, due to its central location, also constitutes a problem for them,” read a statement from Lagos Câmara.

The new fee is a complement to existing monthly tariffs to park in the underground car park – €50 for residents in the council and €30 for residents living in the historic centre of Lagos.

To find out what streets are covered by the Parque da Frente Ribeirinha’s area of influence, please contact FUTURLAGOS.

282 761 691 | www.futurlagos.pt