Calorie-free Coca-Cola now available in Spain

Last week, Spain was the first country in Europe to debut the newest product in the Coca-Cola range, the Coca-Cola Zero. The company guarantee that there is “absolutely no difference in taste” from the regular coke.

The drink has been for sale in the US since last summer and, so far, has been a huge success. Coca-Cola announced that sales are up four per cent, the largest recorded increase in recent years.

In Australia, the success story is just as impressive. The product was released at the beginning of the year and the country has already sold 80 per cent of its annual objective, which is the equivalent of 35 million litres!

In Spain, the trademark company hope that the sales will be similar to when Coca-Cola Light was brought out. It is hoped that Coca-Cola Zero will surpass the 10 million-litre mark for the year.

Portugal does not yet have a date set to release the beverage, but chances are you will stock up in Spain for the time being!