Calling all singles in the Algarve

Maria Hodgson and Harvey Dwight were looking for a singles club to join but when they could not find anything that met their needs, instead of forgetting about the idea, they decided to create a club of their own.

The club is currently still in the embryonic stages and Maria and Harvey are now looking for feedback from people who may be interested in joining.

Maria Hodgson said: “We are looking to see where geographically in the Algarve the most interest lies to be able to choose a base for the club while we would also be interested in hearing about what events people would like, whether it be organised walks, meals, dances or any other activities.”

She added: “We hope that the club will serve a dual purpose of both enabling introductions to people who want to expand their circle of friends while also helping those who are interested in dating or are looking for love.”

Currently, Maria says that they have had a good response from single ladies looking to join a club, but the number of men is much lower.

“We really need more men to come forward to take part,” said Maria. “We want the club to appeal to many different people and are very open to suggestions on how to make it work for everyone.”

Initial plans for the first meeting are to hold a gathering in Tavira at a date yet to be announced.

For further information about the club, please email [email protected] or [email protected].