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Calling all real estate agents

Your chosen property will probably be the most expensive investment you will ever make, whether it is a villa, apartment or even a piece of land on which to build your dream home.

Launched on April 6, 2005, The Resident Property Marketing Website – – has been a favourite portal for visitors looking for property in Portugal. Available worldwide, and with listings from all over Portugal, only government approved AMI registered realtors have the right to list property on this innovative and now well-respected directory of properties for sale.

A decision was recently made to take the site off-line for a short period of time, to allow the upgrade of some elements, following suggestions from realtors, to help them tailor advertising and listings around the visitors needs. These enhancements include full statistical reports on views and information requests on each property at the touch of a button – something which, to our knowledge, no other website has been able to offer realtors on a website solely tailored for real estate in Portugal.

Information received from realtors strongly indicated that local advertisers needed additional support to enable them to reach their market. In their opinion, advertising nationally and, more importantly, advertising internationally brought far more interest with more genuine response from all over the world. Printed advertising overseas was, however, viewed as being too expensive, when effective advertising on an easy-to-use internet portal gave better response.

Following the re-launch of the website seven days ago and full tests of the functionality of the website, we are pleased to be able to offer you, as an AMI registered realtor, an unbeatable and never-to-be repeated offer.  

Despite being unbeatable, the offer is straightforward: 20 properties in any area of Portugal, of any value, free of charge until November 30 this year.

That is a maximum of 20 at any one time; but this does not mean that you have to keep only the 20 that you originally upload to the site. You can change your listings when you want to, if a property sells, if you have a new and exciting property you would like to promote heavily, or just to keep the viewing public interested. And you are in control – totally.

For more information, please contact The Resident – Algarve and Lisbon Edition on 282 342 936 or e-mail [email protected]