Calling all Potterheads to the Algarve

Calling all Potterheads to the Algarve

The seventh Harry Potter Meet will be officially presented at FNAC Faro at the Forum Algarve shopping centre on Saturday, February 11 at 4pm and is free for anyone to attend.

The presentation will allow visitors to “learn more about the VII Harry Potter Meet” which will take place on June 11 at Silves Castle.

“Hogwarts goes to Silves in an event full of games, activities, classes and lots of magic” is how the event is being described, although further details are due to be announced at the FNAC Faro presentation.

The thematic event is organised by the Portuguese Wizards Academy in partnership with Silves Council and sponsored by FNAC, Clínica dos Tinteiros, Fiaal and AdSoul.

Tickets will cost €5, but a special limited ticket which includes a house/team pin, reusable cup, early entry to the venue at 10am, potions workshop, event t-shirt and the sending of the physical ticket by mail can be purchased for €35.

At the February 11 event at FNAC Faro, there will be the possibility to play board games from the Harry Potter saga.

Further activities are planned for February 12, this time at FNAC Algarve Shopping in Guia (Albufeira), with activities such as a quiz about the Goblet of Fire, a Defence Against the Dark Arts class and streaming of the new game Hogwarts Legacy with MetalCreep.