Calling all photographers to Portimão

Event will have in-person and online formats

Portimão is calling on photographers to sign up for the town’s annual photography race (Corrida Fotográfica de Portimão).

The event will be divided into two categories – an in-person format which will take place from 9am to 9pm throughout the town’s streets on Saturday, May 20, and an online format which will accept entries until June 26.

For the in-person race, the themes will be “Signs of Freedom”, “Streets of Freedom”, “Is This Freedom?” and “Free as the Wind”, while those who take part in the online event will need to take inspiration from the more general theme of “Freedom.”

The 23rd Photographic Race of Portimão is one of the main highlights of the celebrations for the 15th anniversary of Portimão Museum, which opened on May 17, 2008.

The museum is already accepting registrations for both formats. Participants can choose to sign up for both or just one.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]