Calling all divers

A specialist consultation for testing diving practice aptitude, the Potential Diver Assessment, is now available at the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit of the Hospital Particular in Alvor.

This consultation is aimed at both professional and recreational divers, and is carried out by medical specialists in this area, with various analysis and exams carried out. Another novelty is the possibility of an experimental hyperbaric session for divers.

This unit has been operating since September 2015, and has treated many divers suffering from decompression sickness as well as other types of pathologies, such as diabetic wounds, radiotherapy wounds, sudden deafness or blindness, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has demonstrated excellent results with scientific evidence increasingly solid. The hyperbaric chamber at the Alvor Hospital is the only one south of Lisbon, with capacity to treat seven people simultaneously per session,” said a press statement from the hospital.