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Calling all British expatriates

BRITISH TELEVISION channel, ITV, is looking for British expatriates that have lived abroad for some time and are now thinking about moving back to the UK to be featured in a prime-time documentary series.

The series was inspired by recent reports, which state that nearly one in 10 British citizens now live abroad and every day 500 British people leave the UK in search of the good life.

The programme will look at the flipside of this story, where although emigration is on the increase with 198,000 Britain people leaving the UK last year to start new lives abroad, almost 100,000 Britons abandoned their dream life in the sun and returned to live in the UK.

Perhaps you miss friends and family or maybe you just long for the simple things like warm beer, chocolate hobnobs or even the English weather!

ITV would like to help homesick expatriates explore the reality of coming home by bringing them back to the UK for a fact finding visit. This will be your chance to decide whether to stay abroad or return to your roots. You would be able to see friends and family, look at the housing market, schools, job market and get a feel of how Britain has changed since you have been away.

You might take one look at the lack of space, unfavourable weather, struggling health service and overpriced property market and realise you are living the dream abroad and would never actually go back.

On the other hand, you may be reunited with friends and family, take a sip of real ale, tuck into a Jaffa cake and decide you really have missed home and the best thing to do is move back.

ITV is also looking for couples who are divided in their thoughts of returning to the UK, or maybe mum and dad want to come home, but the children are really happy in Portugal.

ITV is set to begin filming at the beginning of January so do not miss your opportunity to make the decision to move back to the UK easier.

Anyone interested can send there details to [email protected] or call 0044 207 619 6653.