Call to take environment into account

TAVIRA CÂMARA President, Macário Correia, has expressed concern over purely profit driven construction firms operating in the Algarve.

While recognising that companies had a job to generate profits, Correia said that companies should begin taking more responsibility for the effect of their construction on the environment and the pressure on energy resources.

“Promoters should not only be seeking to make money, but must also take environmental factors into consideration and use techniques that allow for the constant saving of energy resources,” he said.

He was speaking to around 200 people connected to the real estate sector at a conference last week at the Lake Resort, in Vilamoura, to launch two new real estate projects: the Colinas da Boavista development in Tavira and Tomilhos Garden in Albufeira. The projects are being promoted and developed by civil construction firm, Filneto.

Correia said he regretted the damage that has already been done to the environment through construction development, adding “we must look to the future so that our children do not suffer as a result of our mistakes”.


He discussed the importance of the Algarve’s image on an international level and how it was essential that real estate for the tourism industry coincided and complimented this image. “We must be competitive and offer quality construction, using innovative techniques and keep up-to-date with the latest technology.

The Tavira development of luxury apartments was presented at the conference by Luís Nunes, the project’s head architect, who spoke about the low density of the construction plans, which are well within the parameters set down by the câmara when approval was given.

He said that the apartments, which will be surrounded by a swimming pool and gardens, would overlook the unspoiled, naturally beautiful views of the Ria Formosa Nature Park and the Gilão River. He added that their primary concern as the project progresses is to respect and preserve the environment.


Environmentally friendly tools and techniques are being used in the construction of Tomilhos Garden, which will be constructed in Ferreiras, Albufeira, according to the chief engineer, Ricardo Sequeira. He announced that the project had the potential to use solar energy to reduce the amount of pressure being placed on expensive energy resources, which are usually damaging to the environment.

Many entities throughout the Algarve have begun to target construction companies in the tourism industry, imposing heavy restrictions on certain aspects of projects before approval is given and ensuring the environment is safeguarded but they admit that more can be done.

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