Call to report hunting infringements

As the hunting season has now started, it is important that residents across the Algarve are aware of the laws that protect the region from illegal hunting. At present, certain animals cannot be shot at and, for now, no ground shooting should be taking place, air rifles are not allowed, the hunters should be 250 metres from your garden wall, barns, roads and property and, of course, they should be licensed. Any complaints should be reported to the local GNR, and the head of the hunting department is appealing for residents to make a note of every time they report a problem.

There are four GNR officers in the region who are dedicated to hunting problems, headed by Eng. Espírito Santo. He wants more officers seconded to him to help control illegal shooting.In order to achieve this, he needs to compile as much evidence as possible regarding hunting infringements and complaints made to the GNR, regardless of whether they respond or not.

Instances of non-response by the local GNR also strengthen his case and he is willing to accept this information anonymously, if necessary.He needs only the date, time, and location of the offence and which GNR station was contacted. He will then check the GNR officer’s actions after the report. The greater the number of times he is told that hunters are breaking rules and who they were reported to, the more chance he has of getting more officers.

If you have any information to report that would help him, please contact Eng. Espírito Santo on 966 598 563 or write to him at the Polícia Forestal, Apartado 282, Patacão, 8000 Faro. He will follow up your report to see what, if any, action was taken. All of this will help his cause. He also hopes that if hunters are aware that they are being policed, they will create fewer problems.