Call to open doors of parliament to children in need

The director of the Refúgio Aboim Ascensão children’s home in Faro has called on the President of the Assembly of the Republic to “open the doors of parliament to children in need”.

Dr Luís Villas-Boas made his comments in a speech to hundreds of guests, including Assunção Esteves, at the inauguration of the Christmas lights at the refuge in Faro on December 1.

During this year, Refúgio Aboim Ascensão has placed 40 children with families while another 20 will leave by the end of this month.

Director and founder Dr Luís Villas-Boas said he would like to see this model become a nationwide system of support, adding that the institution is involved in a struggle “for the rights of a child to have a family”.

He also pointed out that the government announced on November 14 that they would create an “Agenda for Children” in early 2012.

Assunção Esteves urged civil society to support the state and said: “Parliament is dedicated to looking at all the problems and finding solutions.”

He also complimented individuals who dedicate their time to volunteering and charities.

As the birthplace of “Emergência Infantil” (Emergency Child), Refúgio Aboim Ascensão counts on the support and voluntary participation of individuals and universities across the country.

The Christmas lights will be on until January 6 in support of all the children they help to find a home.