Call for Faro-Seville rail link

Business organisations in the Algarve and Andalusia are to hand a formal request to both the governments of Spain and Portugal calling for a rail link between the airports of Faro and Seville.

The rail link between the airports in the two cities “entails the construction of a rail bridge at Guadiana as well as the electrification of the last part of the Algarve line to the Portuguese-Spanish border town of Vila Real de Santo António and the modernisation of the rail link between Huelva and Ayamonte”.

The call comes from business and trade associations in Seville, Huelva and the Algarve and is submitted in a joint document that will be handed to the governments of Portugal and Spain during the Portuguese-Spanish Summit that will be held in the autumn of 2021.

The proposal for the modernisation of the two region’s rail network coincides with the framework of strong regional cooperation and a review of the European Parliament and Council regulation 1315/2013 regarding EU guidelines for the development and modernisation of the trans-European transport network that will be under discussion this autumn and will include a railway corridor link between the two regions of Spain and Portugal.

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