Café couple gunned down in Sintra on their “day off”

A middle-aged couple was gunned down in their home in Agualva, Sintra, on Monday after a gang of three men burst in through their living room windows demanding money.

Ana Teresa Silva escaped almost unharmed, as the shot to her back passed right through her body missing vital organs.

But her husband was not so lucky and is now in hospital in a critical condition, with bullet wounds to his chest and stomach.

Police are working on the possibility that the attack was related to the café the couple run in nearby Queluz, reports Correio da Manhã.

Monday was the only day of the week the café was shut, and as such the men may have known the couple would have takings on the premises, due to be paid into the bank.

According to the paper, the raid is linked to another violent robbery in a nearby villa – also stormed by three men.

Ana Teresa Silva and Abel Santos run a café in nearby Queluz.